An Autumn (Fall) Prayer

The coolness in the air and the turning of the leaves reminds us of a new season. God, we ask you to renew our spirit. Let our family actions speak the truth of your love. Let those who see us know you a little better. This we ask through your Son, Amen.

God speak to me…
The man whispered, ‘God, speak to me.’ And a meadowlark sang.
But, the man did not hear.
Then the man yelled ‘God, speak to me.’ Thunder rolled across the sky.
But, the man did not listen

The man looked around and said, ‘God, let me see you.’
And the stars shined brightly.
But the man did not notice.

And, the man shouted, ‘God, show me a miracle.’
And, a life was born.
But the man did not know.

So, the man cried out in despair, ‘Touch me God, and let me know
you are here.’ Whereupon, God reached down and touched the man.
But, the man brushed the butterfly away and walked on.

So remember, don’t miss out on a blessing because it
isn’t packaged the way that you expect.
Take notice of the blessings around you.

Life in our house has been super busy this week…so much happening and so little time for it all to be fulfilled.

I am blessed by the changes though. My youngest daughter continues to grow and thrive in her Christian school, she is in year 10 which means shes doing her preparations for GCSE’s. My other daughter, is in College now after completeing her General Certificate, Level 1 in the A.C.E program we did since my elder 2 children were small!!

My health is a small cause for concern at the moment but I wait patiently on the Lord for His healing touch.

Today is a new day and new things are in line to happen. God has my days ordered and I await patiently for them to enfold…..



Monday Morning!

So much has happened since I lost wrote anything on here…

Where to begin?

Well, I have a new grandaughter, born 8 weeks ago and who is the best gift in a long time for us. She is a Princess.

My life got hit pretty hard, spiritually, and I am slowly recovering from that…I have not hurt that bad in such a while ,it shook my foundations..truly.

I am wanting to get back on track in so many areas and writing on here is one of my goals…

Thus says the Lord Who made a way through the sea, A path through the mighty waters.
Remember not the former things,
Neither consider the things of old.
Behold, I am doing a new thing,
Even now it is springing to light.
Do you not perceive it?
A way will I make in the wilderness
And rivers in the desert!

Isaiah 43:16, 18-19.



Allow me to tell you all about my new friend…

A couple months back we lost our other dog , Amelia, to heart disease and it devastated the whole family as that made it we had lost both the dogs in a fairly short time really.

Anyhow, my older daughter heard of a greyhound supporter who rescued them from all kinds of peril and looked to re home them.

We made contact with Julie and almost immediately went along to see her dogs.

We fell for Misty…

We brought her home and after a while she settled in well. She has her *own* routine lol…

You have no idea how much fun this big dog is!!

She has a character of all her own.

The best part is , we go for walks 2 – 3 times a day and every time we get to talk to someone who I may never have spoken to before…neighbours along our road, new people in the area, foreigners who are working here, temporarily, and am tripping out over how God is not only presenting me with a community to reach out with His love to, but am building up a rapore with them so that I get to mention, or talk about Jesus and it may be their very first time ever to have heard of the love of God.

Not only that, God has a true sense of humor . Generally, I hate walking as a rule, but since Misty arrived I have no choice in the matter!! She needs a walk, I need the exercise and all in all its happening without my thinking too much on it!

Here Misty enjoys her bed…a huge duvet with cover, just so soft and homely!!


For all [these] things are [taking place] for your sake, so that the more grace (divine favor and spiritual blessing) extends to more and more people and multiplies through the many, the more thanksgiving may increase [and redound] to the glory of God.
2 Corinthians 4: 15

~Neglected Blog~

O I don’t quite know why? Perhaps I have been too busy in everything, recently, to think about writing my thoughts and stuff on line!!

Anyhow, today I thought I would update it and bring any readers who visit me my latest pondering s.

Somehow, God is holding me through what has actually been a difficult time for me. I have struggled with some issues that held me back from running the race in full view of everyone.

I became discouraged and despondent with some areas in my life that I knew needed altering and changing but just could not do it.

Then God challenged me.

He confirmed plans He has for me up ahead and I KNEW that today I need to apply the principles of God’s Word to my life and see to it that no longer do I live to please me or men but for Him who has done so much in my life already.

I have found I have gifts and abilities from God, and He is using me in the capacity of administration.

I LOVE what I do for Him and I cannot boast in anything except Christ Jesus.

It is HIS Grace which has kept me from stepping back and being in a place I never want to be found in again.

Click the link and listen to an inspirational music piece from Mercy Me

Bring The Rain

Week 3


 I came across these tips on my way round the web and think they are useful to add to my marriage challenge indeed! Marriage Helps

  • Keep God FIRST!
  • Pray Together!
  • Respect and honor each other!
  • Encourage each other to grow together!
  • Read the Bible together as much as possible!
  • Be swift to hear & slow to speak!
  • Make time to communicate with each other!
  • Protect and honor your marriage vows!
  • Do not let others come between your marriage!
  • Thank God everyday for your Mate & the Life you have together!
  • Understand that “love” is a choice, not a feeling!(You must choose everyday to Love your mate)

I pretty much thinks this list sums up the whole status of marriage doesn’t it!

I have had a most trying week…everything I have tried to do the enemy has definately had a go at un-doing…however, I completely ignored this scheme and God turned it round….phew…( not easy tho)

Week 2/3


I know the challenge has ended for most but as I joined late I am still going with my goals.

The important thing for me here is that I have not given up…usually I start things only to find I give up halfway thru but I can see how God is gently pushing me along , reminding me.

My husband is kind of chuffed that I am actually purposed in this, he is obviously reaping some of the benefits too…lol

Iam so excited at how changes are ahppening within our marriage and my love for him really is like we first met, you know, goosey bumps when he calls me up on the phone and that kind of thing.

Our dd’s are going to be away next weekend and we both intend to kick back and enjoy to the max our precious time together…

Week 2 of The Challenge

This is so exciting!! I have engaged several women to join me altho they are not all on the net and things but that is great that I can rally up more to do it for themselves and their marriage.

 I guess Christine had no idea when she started this how much impact it was going to have on our *world*

What I have learned so far is that almost everything in my marriage had become comfortable, like wearing a pair of old slippers and gotten so used to them…ermmmm, didn’t like what God was showing me to be honest….

My goals were challenging but so far I have kept up the clean towels , may not always have gotten them put away upstairs but they are clean and dry!

Greeting him has not been each day as it depended on where I was on his return home but we have definately had more smoochies!!

Have made an effort to be off the pc when he is around and so far so good..except tonight coz I needed to do some stuff…

Still working on the intimate side…we both have had different things going on so we both shall work on that!

All in all, am pleased that God has brought this to my attention even if it’s meaning addressing this in *public* Only He knows exactly what I need to do and how and I trust Him to lead so I can follow.