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~Monday Morning~

Had a great weekend.

On Saturday we visited with a Polish couple from our church. Such wonderful lovely people too! As my dh father waspolish , and sadly had died by the time dh was 3, he felt connected to them,  and in fact it was both ways.

We also have a new member to our household, by the name of Misty. She is a rescued Greyhound, an absolutely adorable blue brindle color female!

I will post pictures once I load them on pc, but for now believe me she ahs brought some fun into our lives….

Church was great yesterday, I feel challenged to take on board a ministry …whoo hoo….nothing big or in the front but one that will help others.

But for now, my week has begun and I feel invigorated by the Holy Spirit to press on and go forward….


Anna is Home!!

Actually she has been home for 2 weeks now!!

Her trip to Uganda was awesome….she is still in the afterglow of it all.

Also, she has been blessed to get into a Christian school, as her present one is closing…

I really feel God has HIS hand on her life and am so blessed to be her Mother.

here are aome pics from her trip:

She is on the front in white

Meeting new faces in one of the poorer schools