The time flies past so quickly, and more so when you are busy with stuff..

My daughter celebrated her 14th birthday yesterday and so on top of everything else she is one blessed young lady!!

She flies out a week on Friday and is ever so excited. I am too for her….seems like yesterday the school put this forward to them all.

We have been successful in raising our own funds, GLORY to God for the ideas though…

Some students who are going have been soooooo blessed as their supporters have donated huge sums of money whereas in my daughters case shes had to believe God and we have seen the money come in, slowly but surely.

We have a couple, we barely know, who have regularly sent her £5 a week out of their pension…its that kind of support that touches your heart! 

Anyway I am glad the fund raising is drawing to an end and basically all her needs have been met.We have learnt such a lot in trusting our Lord, this is the kind of things you need to bring an increas in your faith.

Luke 17:5… And the apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith.”



2 thoughts on “Update

  1. JHi Laura

    Nice to see you pop on and post me a reply lol

    My daughter is oing to Ugnada….if you scroll down a bit, the details are there….

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