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I have been going to write this post on my blog for so long now, I really had to make the effort today!!

Maybe I have mentioned it before? but if not ,  my youngest daughter got the opportunity of a lifetime by being able to be part of a team going from her Christian School to Uganda in March 2008!!

To say we were excited for her is an understatement, not only has she ALWAYS wanted to be a Missionary since we homeschooled her but someone on a Mums message board read about her and promptly asked me for our details and then sent her a donation towards her deposit!! thus confirming for us God wanted her to go….

This past few months has been one journey and ever so exciting, seeing God lay on the hearts of others a desire to help and support her. We have been sent donations from so many people, and especially some pensioners in Wigan (you know you who are!) regularly sending her gifts…God is faithful

Our main source though has been regualry baking home made cakes and selling them on a Sunday following our church service.

We make everything, from Carrot cake to Chocolate cakes…all sorts each week…and we have a bunch of faithful sisters and brothers who rush up to buy!!

we have just paid her flight …*gulp* £479…and are in the process of getting her injections…poor girl is like a pin cushion!

The school has regular team building meets and she enjoys this a lot. They meet at the Head’s house who is so passionate about this trip and he is planning and excellently too I may add the itinerary.

All together there are 7 students and 4 adults. They will be working within the school that the school and church built and support. Ralph and Val have been over there for some time now and it is awesome what God is doing. We heard how some of the children will

5.jpg Ralph & Val

travel, mostly walking , 2 – 3 hours a day so that they can have school.

The team will take ideas for games, strengthening an ever growing team already there. They also will interact with the children as much as they can, having fun and teaching them about Jesus!

23.jpg  A shot from the school.

Please join with us in praying for this trip, and that the Lord will touch the lives of all going in a way that will challenge and encourage them.

Thank you.


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