It’s the Weekend!!

My o my, we are here already,looking quickly to the end of yet another year.

This one has passed so quickly and yet at times I really didn’t think so….

I am not long  back from spending Christmas down in a place called kettering with some dear friends…we had a blast! God is so awesome giving us people who are on the same page as each other…it makes fellowshipping much more fun too…

We were doubly blessed too as we got to visit with some of their family  who are in the RAF and this meant we had to go the camp…oo that was cool…

Anyhow, as the sister had just returned from a *tour* in Afghanistan, she was able to bless my daughter, who is going on a Mission Trip to Uganda soon, with some great stuff. boots she will def need, a backpack, and other various useful items. We were thrilled!!

Now, this weekend sees me baking a birthday cake for a gentleman in church who recently came in and gave his heart to the Lord. He will be 77.

I am nervous as it is for someone else but am thrilled for the opportunity too…

I will let you know how it gores, even take a picture of it perhaps!

Well, best get started, it won’t bake on its own…c ya soon xx


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