M.I.A or in other words I have been missing in action…

Just when you start to think your life is slowing down at a reasonably steady pace , whoop, you get slapped silly and everything goes haywire…

Anyway I am not about to list the haywires on here but for those of you who are prayer warriors, I am asking you to pray for me, my family and the situations that have rolled on and on for too long now….

Other than the above, my pc decided it was having a break, and so I have spent days tooing and frooing the pc shop with memory upgrades and other technicalities only those trained know about to bring it back to life… it now works but with one or two annoying glitches..I will learn to live with them I think!

Anyways, I have committed my days to serving the Lord. I am His servant, and I will run the race without giving up. My life is not my own, it belongs to Jesus. he knows what is best for me and so I lay my surrendered heart down before His feet and ask Him to continue to  mould and shape my life as He sees fit.

Have a blessed day readers and may God pour out blessings upon you and yours!



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