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Back home to reality

Well, my short break away last week was simply wonderful. We enjoyed our short time away with some christian friends and their family. All our children got on so well together.

 We went down to Norfolk, well, Great Yramouth to be exact. It was our first time down that way and I can’t wait to revisit. It is a beautiful , interesting place!!

We took a cabin cruiser out on to the Norfolk Broads for one of the days and that was incredible!

God has such a beautiful, enjoyable creation to share with us…..We are so blessed to be able to partake of this in our lives.

I love how He inspires our hearts and moves us in ways we would not normally think to do so….This week the Lord has been laying on my heart about serving my sisters in Christ especially in the area of helping / giving. Iam excited as I know this something I regularly did at one time before God had me stop.

I came across this scripture this morning and it really touched my heart!

Ezekiel 37:27   My tabernacle also shall be with them; indeed I will be their God, and they shall be My people.


God is Fantastic!!

Recently I wrote about a baby in our church who at 3 weeks old was on life support due to heart problems. His parents have been a tremendous testimony and their faith has inspired us so much

Well the good news is God has performed a miracle!!

 Baby J is now OFF support, breathing on his own and the hospital is delighted but of course are in a state of disbelief!! No one can deny that God has intervened…God gets all the Glory!


Prayers Appreciated

I really am blessed by those of you who visit *me* and so would like to say to you, do pray for us as we venture off this coming week for a weeks break. we are going with a christian family we have known for over 10 years but have only just been really getting to know one another well this past year  and so we we are joining them at a caravan site …I really can’t wait for this MUCH NEEDED break.

See you on my return