T’was a Sad Day , Yesterday!

image005.jpgOO The dilemma of having pets!

We own or owned 2 King Charles Cavaliers and they have been part of our family for over 10 years…We have so enjoyed them. They brought a lot of love and affection within the family, as they are completely lovable dogs.

Bethwyn (the brown one) developed the expected heart disease a few months back, (this is common with the breed) and was on a couple of medicines for it. Up until the weekend she was fairly well.

Suddenly, on Tuesday she had become visibly ill, with no appetite or desire for her treats. we knew she was ill-er than we thought Her tummy had been swelling up over the weekend too. She was looking at me with those big saucer eyes and I knew in my heart she was asking me to let her go….

I called out to my God, who is an ever present help in these times, and He answered me, He used friends who love Him too who have insight and wisdom and on feeling satisfied I took her to the vets.

My daughter, 16yrs, also came along.

I don’t think either of us expected what was to come but probably thought a change of tablets was in order or that kind of thing.

Sadly the vet announced Bethwyn was dying and it would be kinder to put her to sleep…at which point I burst into big uncontrollable sobs!

So, we said our sorrowful goodbyes, reluctantly, the surgery was miraculously empty! something I had not witnessed before, and we left her there …I couldn’t stay and watch my *baby* go to sleep and not wake up…

I don’t know that she knew what lay ahead for her but I thank God He cared enough to make the whole experience for us as painless as was possible with as much dignity.

I know He loves animals and cares for them too.

This is a day to remember how much more my heavenly Father has been good to me , to us, and to rejoice that He has everything under control!!



8 thoughts on “T’was a Sad Day , Yesterday!

  1. I am so sorry that happened. It is hard losing one of the family!!!! We lost one of our precious babies in May and it is never easy.

  2. I’ve never been a dog person really, but I have two gorgeous cats whom I will miss drastically when their time comes. Big hugs honey, losing long-loved pets is always very difficult.

    Tons of love and prayers. M x x

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