Yeh It’s The weekend!!

Life over here at 543 has been a buzz of cooking activity to the extreme this past week or so….

My daughter A has been accepted by her small christian school to go along with a few others on a Mission Trip to Uganda!!!

Such an awesome opportunity for her to indulge her life in but not only that to see her faith rise when she had been praying and believing she would go without a doubt was a tremendous time for us as  her parents here on earth!

She has to raise funds to get her there and we have around 5 months to raise £800/£900..

She decided to bake cakes and sell them and we have been so blessed by the repsonse of others. Some one we don’t even know sent her cash and this went towards her deposit!

Another at church gave her £20 for a particular cake to be made *Bless you! you know who u r*

Yet another donated £20 because it touched his heart she was eager to go…

So, we now have been baking for a week or more and selling them too at a good rate and I am so grateful God has equipped us and strengthened us to go for it.

As she ventures out into this country she will witness first hand the poverty, the sadness of lives BUT she will also witness the Hand of God, the way the children she goes to serve respond to her and the others and I know this will have a great impact on her small life.

Several months back when our own church school closed I was expecting it in a way but when it happened it threw us as a family because this was all we knew…Homeschooling had dominated my life from 1985 and I had been used of God to establish it within our when it ended as it was I was OO what now Lord? But you know we KNEW A was meant to go to this local christian school and God has shown us over and over why…and then Uganda….Thank God we are in the centre of His will…not on the outside looking in!!

Weekend is here , my husband is at work and I am taking 5 mins to rest my legs as I have been baking since early hours!!


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