Thoughts on Tuesday



Feel like I have been seriously neglecting blogging recently…no real reason other than so busy with other projects.

I am so thankful to the Lord tho because He has given me some real friends who all of my family have come to love and appreciate.

we have known these folk for about 10 years and it only this year that the friendship has really begun to blossom and be appreciated by one another. Our girls get on so well with their 3 and  another friend included and altogther the 3 families have been solidified through the common grace of Jesus.

 Life here at home remains pretty much the same, girls get back into schooling as of next Tuesday and then hey ho it all starts again until the October hols….

 We pray for you today
That God will touch your life
That you would know His love
Permeating deep inside
We pray that you may know
More and more each day
How much you are valued, friend
In every little way

© By M.S.Lowndes




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