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T’was a Sad Day , Yesterday!

image005.jpgOO The dilemma of having pets!

We own or owned 2 King Charles Cavaliers and they have been part of our family for over 10 years…We have so enjoyed them. They brought a lot of love and affection within the family, as they are completely lovable dogs.

Bethwyn (the brown one) developed the expected heart disease a few months back, (this is common with the breed) and was on a couple of medicines for it. Up until the weekend she was fairly well.

Suddenly, on Tuesday she had become visibly ill, with no appetite or desire for her treats. we knew she was ill-er than we thought Her tummy had been swelling up over the weekend too. She was looking at me with those big saucer eyes and I knew in my heart she was asking me to let her go….

I called out to my God, who is an ever present help in these times, and He answered me, He used friends who love Him too who have insight and wisdom and on feeling satisfied I took her to the vets.

My daughter, 16yrs, also came along.

I don’t think either of us expected what was to come but probably thought a change of tablets was in order or that kind of thing.

Sadly the vet announced Bethwyn was dying and it would be kinder to put her to sleep…at which point I burst into big uncontrollable sobs!

So, we said our sorrowful goodbyes, reluctantly, the surgery was miraculously empty! something I had not witnessed before, and we left her there …I couldn’t stay and watch my *baby* go to sleep and not wake up…

I don’t know that she knew what lay ahead for her but I thank God He cared enough to make the whole experience for us as painless as was possible with as much dignity.

I know He loves animals and cares for them too.

This is a day to remember how much more my heavenly Father has been good to me , to us, and to rejoice that He has everything under control!!



Yeh It’s The weekend!!

Life over here at 543 has been a buzz of cooking activity to the extreme this past week or so….

My daughter A has been accepted by her small christian school to go along with a few others on a Mission Trip to Uganda!!!

Such an awesome opportunity for her to indulge her life in but not only that to see her faith rise when she had been praying and believing she would go without a doubt was a tremendous time for us as  her parents here on earth!

She has to raise funds to get her there and we have around 5 months to raise £800/£900..

She decided to bake cakes and sell them and we have been so blessed by the repsonse of others. Some one we don’t even know sent her cash and this went towards her deposit!

Another at church gave her £20 for a particular cake to be made *Bless you! you know who u r*

Yet another donated £20 because it touched his heart she was eager to go…

So, we now have been baking for a week or more and selling them too at a good rate and I am so grateful God has equipped us and strengthened us to go for it.

As she ventures out into this country she will witness first hand the poverty, the sadness of lives BUT she will also witness the Hand of God, the way the children she goes to serve respond to her and the others and I know this will have a great impact on her small life.

Several months back when our own church school closed I was expecting it in a way but when it happened it threw us as a family because this was all we knew…Homeschooling had dominated my life from 1985 and I had been used of God to establish it within our when it ended as it was I was OO what now Lord? But you know we KNEW A was meant to go to this local christian school and God has shown us over and over why…and then Uganda….Thank God we are in the centre of His will…not on the outside looking in!!

Weekend is here , my husband is at work and I am taking 5 mins to rest my legs as I have been baking since early hours!!

It’s Interesting …..Life I mean!!

Sometimes life can just flow from one day into another without us really paying too much attention to what is actually happening within that day at all…..

I sort of realised this recently, mainly because I was exhausted after some things I needed to do in my life and home to catch up after some time of neglect. It dawned on me that even when I have been *hit* with some problem I have not given thought to its timing. It made me think how many times I go from Monday to Friday so quickly and have’nt been stopping in that day long enough to soak up the wonderful blessings God has blessed me with.

I am so grateful to God that His Holy Spirit will begin to nudge my heart and cause me to stop and think…and that is so important, after all….I don’t want to be caught sleeping now do I!!

Life is so full of wonderful everyday happenings, if only I would slow down some and allow them to have the impact on me intended.I don’t mean the negative stuff but the smaller things, like my daughter sharing her homework and as I listened to the story read aloud or the way she worked out her maths problems I suddenly realised what a beautiful clever darling I have and began to praise her efforts and encourage her and then she was walking on cloud 9!! Didn’t take too much effort, just my time…and that is awesome.

I know that God has called me to serve others whether that be in my home my church or my community…that is what life is about, knowing what God has given us. I must remember that today is a GIFT, one that will happen whether or not I am aware of it. he has promised to be with me through it and in it and will never leave me so what am I waiting for..roll on day!!!!

Came across this  HERE and thought this would so bless someone reading my blog..

Hey! If you take time to read mine then do take a moment to add a comment and let me know you passed by!! God Bless you.

The Lord has been speaking to a lot about knowing and truly believing that He is good. It is easy to know He is good when things are going well, but it is much harder to know deep down with total certainty that God is good when things are not going the way we think they should go. God wants us to stand in faith in Who He is, to believe His goodness and to know for with a certainly that rises up from our innermost being that He loves us and that He is dependable.

There are times when the enemy tries to beat us down and to make us believe that God is mad at us, or that He is disappointed with us. The devil does that because he wants to prevent us from running back into God’s presence, so we can be restored. Our enemy wants to sabotage our faith.

There are going to be times when we get empty and drained. We begin to minister and to function from our own limited resources instead of from God’s vast resources. We continue doing our best to please God, but the emptier we get, the more we feel that God must either be mad at us or disgusted with us for allowing ourselves to get into this state. Then the enemy begins to play “mind games” with us to make us feel even worse about ourselves and our walk with God. He tries to tell us that God won’t help us when we cry out to Him because He is so disappointed in us, and we have failed Him or let Him down. Eventually we find it difficult to believe that God wants to restore and refresh us. We are not aware of it, but what is happening is that out faith in God’s goodness is being systematically attacked and damaged.

I went through that for a couple of months. The emptier I got, the harder it was to do the things that strengthen my spirit: to pray and
read my bible every day. I felt guilty about my struggle to do those basic things and I began to feel so desperate for God that I arranged
to go on a five-day prayer retreat at a mentor’s house to seek God in hopes of being restored and refreshed.

As I began to draw into God’s presence, I realized that I was afraid of coming to Him. My head “knew” I had to draw into God, but my heart feared that He would be angry with me or not want me to come to Him. Part of me was so hungry to be restored to intimacy with God that I was willing to meet His terms and conditions–whatever they were. But another part of me was afraid that God would not want to meet me.

I set all else aside and started to press into Him, and His sweetness began to settle over me. I expected Him to rebuke me, and I kept waiting for that rebuke–but it never came. I expected Him to tell me that He was displeased with me, but all He did was love on Me and let me see glimpses of His glory. Two days into the prayer retreat, I finally asked Him about it. I asked Him if He was angry or disappointed in me for letting myself get into that state. His reply surprised me.

“It hurts My feelings that you think I would be like that. I am not hard to please for those who’s hearts are committed to obey Me. I am a loving Father, and I love My children. When they get empty or drained, I don’t get mad at them for it and I don’t punish them for it. Instead, I fill them back up; I refresh and restore them, just like I am doing for you right now. When hope is drained and My children feel they have disqualified themselves, I don’t disqualify them. I restore their hope and I remind them of their destiny, and then set them back into it. I don’t rebuke My servants when they are weary, I revive them and I refresh them.”

Then He want on to say, “When you are feeling empty or dry or when hope begins to fade away, I want you to exercise your faith. I want you to remind yourself of Who I am, of what I am like–remember what My true nature is. I am your loving Father and I am committed to take care of you. I want you to choose to believe in My goodness instead of choosing to believe the devil’s lies about Me. Have faith in Me–not in your spiritual disciplines or in your ability to sense My nearness, or even in your ability to “please” Me. Know that I am love and I cannot stop loving you. Believe that I am good and choose to stand in faith when the enemy whispers his lies into your ears.”

“I have revealed Myself to you, and I don’t change. So don’t think of Me don’t attribute pettiness to Me. Trust Me, I really am Who I have showed you that I am, and I am truly good.  Yes, I have good plans for you and I will accomplish them in your life.” 

Urgent: Please Pray

 One of the new families in our church has a 8 week old baby boy in hospital ( has been since birth) and he has heart failure. He is wired up to all kinds of machines and a ventilator is breathing for him.

His parents are amazing! their faith is so awesome …we are praying with them and believing God with them but we need YOUR help too.

They are facing the authorities soon who want the machines switched off.

Of course they are looking at the situation from a medical point of view BUT we are looking at it from God’s !!

Please pray for the baby, the parents and those who are caring for them all at this moment. many many thanks

Phillips,Craig,Dean, You Are God Alone

Praising Jesus

 God is ever so kind ever so good and I love Him to pieces.

I had a major *fall out* and honestly thought no way could I begin again but you know what? That is not the case. With God He waits for us with open arms as we repent and respond to His love.

Psalm 51:10  Create in me a pure heart, O God,
       and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

I have been informed that my favourite site is back up and running , it is a totally Christian program to help those like me get rid of those extra pounds or in my case stones!! with God’s help. Take a look at Thin Within

I have also created a new blog in addition to this one to help me journal my journey…Visit me at Thin4Him

Well, do havea blessed day and enjoy the goodness of God…

Made me Glad – Hillsong

Thoughts on Tuesday



Feel like I have been seriously neglecting blogging recently…no real reason other than so busy with other projects.

I am so thankful to the Lord tho because He has given me some real friends who all of my family have come to love and appreciate.

we have known these folk for about 10 years and it only this year that the friendship has really begun to blossom and be appreciated by one another. Our girls get on so well with their 3 and  another friend included and altogther the 3 families have been solidified through the common grace of Jesus.

 Life here at home remains pretty much the same, girls get back into schooling as of next Tuesday and then hey ho it all starts again until the October hols….

 We pray for you today
That God will touch your life
That you would know His love
Permeating deep inside
We pray that you may know
More and more each day
How much you are valued, friend
In every little way

© By M.S.Lowndes