Home and Refreshed!

I have had a fantastic weekend, well 4 days really. God has orchestrated this from day one I believe! From the moment our friend S and his wife K suggested we get together at a mutual friends Christian house we agreed we all felt God was doing something…

A Bit Of Background

Over 10 years ago, we were introduced to a few men in the trucking industry. My husband, J, was a trucker at the time and we had just started our own business. Anyhow at the time these men had set up a ministry, then called, *Truckers for Jesus*, who’s vision it was to touch the lives of many many men on the road ,see lives transformed, because many truckers over here in the UK have nowhere to go night after night. They spend several if not all, nights away from their loved ones and families and believe me they get to park up in the most unsavoury of places.

So J and our son P drove 3 hours away and meet up with this original group of men and their families to see what it was all about.
J came back excited and thrilled because these men truly had vision. Within a short time more and more men and their families were being added to the ministry and contact was made regularly to their wives via other wives..(as they get lonely too.) Men were evangelising on the roads and we have heard testimony after testimony of how a man was about to give into temptation only to be given a tract about Jesus and then get saved!! whoo hoo.

well, after a time, the ministry changed names, men were involved who perhaps didn’t always heed the voice of God but did things their way and after a time it disbanded leaving a few who’s hearts were so involved they couldn’t give up…

Now, one of these men was S and I must tell you they are a wonderfully family, a tremendous couple who children are a credit to them and who have had so many trials and yet they are still serving God and are touching the lives of so many people. S is in constant contact with truckers and people not just in the UK but also in in America, wow I could go on all day!!

Anyway the ministry continued but has now changed names and those overseeing it.It is this ministry me and my family support and are involved in.

There is a financial backer who lives down south, called who owns a massive truck company and who is such a wonderful man of God doing awesome things in his community…well he had a vision 4 years ago to build on his land a christian conference center, which is completed near enough now and that is where we got to stay!!

I must mention here too that this man (are pastors) and his family have been used of God working with the homeless and they are tending to them, looking after them in mobile homes on thier land and giving them dignity! We witnessed first hand this awesoem project.

S had arranged with him for a group of us from the truck ministry who we had not met before as we live so far apart but are part of , to go down there and fellowship. We met up with 2 other families who we had never spoke to b4 !

We met some wonderful people. There was 18 of us altogether staying in this gorgeous bungalow, large and well provided for, and in beautiful grounds. The peace and tranquility of God was awesome.

K my daughter got to sing for the ladies meeting we had on the Saturday evening, and she was so annointed, …in fact she had such an impact on them they want to spend time with her and use her to minister in their big church ( well we are praying, as it needs to God not man that raises up!! )

God has really challenged my life, my expectations and my desires. I want to see more of my life being used in outreaching to those who are hurting.I believe we are entering into a time in our lives as a family where God is going to use us as a family and it is exciting and scary at the same time!!

Nothing is impossible with God and nothing is too small either.
He is so interested in every detail of our lives.

I can honestly say I have truly had an encounter this weekend, one that will remain with me always, touched by the power of the spirit of God and one that will flow and touch others as we go thru life…


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