Sunday August 5th 2007


 The weeks and time are flying past so quickly, gosh it is amazing!

My time in Celebrate Recovery has been so beneficial. I have the awesome priviledge to be able to share with others my testimony , not only of salvation but of what God has healed in me and continues to do so.

I have been asked to prepare myself to give a testimony at the Large Group meeting in a couple weeks and am so excited.

It is a humbling experience and one I enter into with total humilty and reliance on God. he alone is deserving of all the glory and Praise for my life. I am a work in progress.

After years of feeling hurts and rejections and massives of low self esteem..I am in a place of acceptance now. I no longer doubt myself or God’s genuine love for me. I do occasionally go through changes, am sure this won’t pass as quickly otherwise I won’t stay on knees perhaps but I look forward to that day when I can truly stand and say I no longer feel as I once did.


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