Week 3


 I came across these tips on my way round the web and think they are useful to add to my marriage challenge indeed! Marriage Helps

  • Keep God FIRST!
  • Pray Together!
  • Respect and honor each other!
  • Encourage each other to grow together!
  • Read the Bible together as much as possible!
  • Be swift to hear & slow to speak!
  • Make time to communicate with each other!
  • Protect and honor your marriage vows!
  • Do not let others come between your marriage!
  • Thank God everyday for your Mate & the Life you have together!
  • Understand that “love” is a choice, not a feeling!(You must choose everyday to Love your mate)

I pretty much thinks this list sums up the whole status of marriage doesn’t it!

I have had a most trying week…everything I have tried to do the enemy has definately had a go at un-doing…however, I completely ignored this scheme and God turned it round….phew…( not easy tho)


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