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Celebrate Recovery comes to My Church

Actually it is already there but we are HOSTING an all day seminar for it at my church.

Some of you may be aware that I have been part of this fantastic 12 step Christian Program for 3 years and have seen my life totally transformed. Read my testimony on here of what God has been doing…

As you may be aware, I have been involved in this 12 step Christian program, (which runs over 12 months) Celebrate Recovery for 3 years and my life has been totally transformed. If you have not had chance to hear or read my testimony Please go read it on here, my blog.

More info on This program can be found HERE and HERE

If you KNOW me or how to get in touch with me, and would like to attend, please do so and I will let you know the details. However should you be interested but do not know me and need to go along please get details off me by leaving me your contact details.Thanks


Home and Refreshed!

I have had a fantastic weekend, well 4 days really. God has orchestrated this from day one I believe! From the moment our friend S and his wife K suggested we get together at a mutual friends Christian house we agreed we all felt God was doing something…

A Bit Of Background

Over 10 years ago, we were introduced to a few men in the trucking industry. My husband, J, was a trucker at the time and we had just started our own business. Anyhow at the time these men had set up a ministry, then called, *Truckers for Jesus*, who’s vision it was to touch the lives of many many men on the road ,see lives transformed, because many truckers over here in the UK have nowhere to go night after night. They spend several if not all, nights away from their loved ones and families and believe me they get to park up in the most unsavoury of places.

So J and our son P drove 3 hours away and meet up with this original group of men and their families to see what it was all about.
J came back excited and thrilled because these men truly had vision. Within a short time more and more men and their families were being added to the ministry and contact was made regularly to their wives via other wives..(as they get lonely too.) Men were evangelising on the roads and we have heard testimony after testimony of how a man was about to give into temptation only to be given a tract about Jesus and then get saved!! whoo hoo.

well, after a time, the ministry changed names, men were involved who perhaps didn’t always heed the voice of God but did things their way and after a time it disbanded leaving a few who’s hearts were so involved they couldn’t give up…

Now, one of these men was S and I must tell you they are a wonderfully family, a tremendous couple who children are a credit to them and who have had so many trials and yet they are still serving God and are touching the lives of so many people. S is in constant contact with truckers and people not just in the UK but also in in America, wow I could go on all day!!

Anyway the ministry continued but has now changed names and those overseeing it.It is this ministry me and my family support and are involved in.

There is a financial backer who lives down south, called who owns a massive truck company and who is such a wonderful man of God doing awesome things in his community…well he had a vision 4 years ago to build on his land a christian conference center, which is completed near enough now and that is where we got to stay!!

I must mention here too that this man (are pastors) and his family have been used of God working with the homeless and they are tending to them, looking after them in mobile homes on thier land and giving them dignity! We witnessed first hand this awesoem project.

S had arranged with him for a group of us from the truck ministry who we had not met before as we live so far apart but are part of , to go down there and fellowship. We met up with 2 other families who we had never spoke to b4 !

We met some wonderful people. There was 18 of us altogether staying in this gorgeous bungalow, large and well provided for, and in beautiful grounds. The peace and tranquility of God was awesome.

K my daughter got to sing for the ladies meeting we had on the Saturday evening, and she was so annointed, …in fact she had such an impact on them they want to spend time with her and use her to minister in their big church ( well we are praying, as it needs to God not man that raises up!! )

God has really challenged my life, my expectations and my desires. I want to see more of my life being used in outreaching to those who are hurting.I believe we are entering into a time in our lives as a family where God is going to use us as a family and it is exciting and scary at the same time!!

Nothing is impossible with God and nothing is too small either.
He is so interested in every detail of our lives.

I can honestly say I have truly had an encounter this weekend, one that will remain with me always, touched by the power of the spirit of God and one that will flow and touch others as we go thru life…

Am getting Excited

I am indeed! while back some mutual friends of ours who live 300 miles away invited us to spend a weekend away with them at another mutual friends Christian Conference Center

We are going HERE…….

Actually that is the nearest seaside town but we will stay at Walberton, a beautiful area and one we visited once before.

I know this weekend is all GOD! You just know don’t you when things start to happen to confirm. We have also added friends on to this weekend, quite unexpectedly so I know we are in for a real blast.

My daughter will be singing both at the center and at the church the couple Pastor in Arundel. This is awesome indeed.

I have had such a busy week too, and am so blessed , I really thank God for His friendship, His love, His Fatherly love for me.



Sunday August 5th 2007


 The weeks and time are flying past so quickly, gosh it is amazing!

My time in Celebrate Recovery has been so beneficial. I have the awesome priviledge to be able to share with others my testimony , not only of salvation but of what God has healed in me and continues to do so.

I have been asked to prepare myself to give a testimony at the Large Group meeting in a couple weeks and am so excited.

It is a humbling experience and one I enter into with total humilty and reliance on God. he alone is deserving of all the glory and Praise for my life. I am a work in progress.

After years of feeling hurts and rejections and massives of low self esteem..I am in a place of acceptance now. I no longer doubt myself or God’s genuine love for me. I do occasionally go through changes, am sure this won’t pass as quickly otherwise I won’t stay on knees perhaps but I look forward to that day when I can truly stand and say I no longer feel as I once did.

Week 3


 I came across these tips on my way round the web and think they are useful to add to my marriage challenge indeed! Marriage Helps

  • Keep God FIRST!
  • Pray Together!
  • Respect and honor each other!
  • Encourage each other to grow together!
  • Read the Bible together as much as possible!
  • Be swift to hear & slow to speak!
  • Make time to communicate with each other!
  • Protect and honor your marriage vows!
  • Do not let others come between your marriage!
  • Thank God everyday for your Mate & the Life you have together!
  • Understand that “love” is a choice, not a feeling!(You must choose everyday to Love your mate)

I pretty much thinks this list sums up the whole status of marriage doesn’t it!

I have had a most trying week…everything I have tried to do the enemy has definately had a go at un-doing…however, I completely ignored this scheme and God turned it round….phew…( not easy tho)



Anyone need a shoe shine?

Matthew 6:4 That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.

I came across this very powerful story about one of the most influential men of God in my life, D.L.Moody, in a book named A Call to Excellence by Gary Inrig.

A large group of European pastors came to one of D. L. Moody’s Northfield Bible Conferences in Massachusetts in the late 1800s. Following the European custom of the time, each guest put his shoes outside his room to be cleaned by the hall servants overnight. But of course this was America and there were no hall servants.

Walking the dormitory halls that night, Moody saw the shoes and determined not to embarrass his brothers. He mentioned the need to some ministerial students who were there, but met with only silence or pious excuses. Moody returned to the dorm, gathered up the shoes, and, alone in his room, the world’s only famous evangelist began to clean and polish the shoes. Only the unexpected arrival of a friend in the midst of the work revealed the secret.

When the foreign visitors opened their doors the next morning, their shoes were shined. They never knew by whom. Moody told no one, but his friend told a few people, and during the rest of the conference, different men volunteered to shine the shoes in secret.

Wow. I’m humbled, how about you? Many of us want to be great ministers for the Lord. We want our names and our works to be remembered. But let’s never forget the true ministry of the Lord. Not only would have Jesus shined those shoes in secret, He would have returned to wash their feet too!

Have you been asking the Lord to use you? Here you have it! Shine some one’s dingy shoes, give a gift to someone in need, love on someone hard to love — but don’t tell the world — do it in secret! You can be sure that the Lord sees these things! And He will open up more opportunities for you to do even greater things for Him! Guess what — there’s so much work to be done!

This is a daily devotion I receive and really spoke to me about humility and servanthood. whoa!! if many of us christians would adopt this same attitude we would make a huge difference in this world in which we reside!


Let’s make a difference TODAY in someones life….