God’s Grace


I knew from the minute I was not going to be fully involved as I was in the co -leading of our Celebrate Recovery group, that God had other plans for me in this department.

I am so excited as he gently guides me to places , spiritually, I have not entered into before…

I am preparing myself now ,as over the next few weeks I am going to be giving my testimony of what God has done in my life at one of the meetings. This is an honour and a priviledge for me, I am humbled at what God is doing in me.

I have had several opportunities to share and encourage other women recently who are struggling with issues of past stuff and I see myself giving willingly and even step back inside myself and say “whoa” is this me? indeed it is I hear!! I am tripping out over the awesomeness of my Lord and give Him praise and glory whenever I am able to as it is He who has brought me this far!

 I want the whole world to know that what seems impossible to us is ALWAYS possible for God…He has done so much in me and my written version is a mere taster of that…wow, Thank You Jesus


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