Week 2 of The Challenge

This is so exciting!! I have engaged several women to join me altho they are not all on the net and things but that is great that I can rally up more to do it for themselves and their marriage.

 I guess Christine had no idea when she started this how much impact it was going to have on our *world*

What I have learned so far is that almost everything in my marriage had become comfortable, like wearing a pair of old slippers and gotten so used to them…ermmmm, didn’t like what God was showing me to be honest….

My goals were challenging but so far I have kept up the clean towels , may not always have gotten them put away upstairs but they are clean and dry!

Greeting him has not been each day as it depended on where I was on his return home but we have definately had more smoochies!!

Have made an effort to be off the pc when he is around and so far so good..except tonight coz I needed to do some stuff…

Still working on the intimate side…we both have had different things going on so we both shall work on that!

All in all, am pleased that God has brought this to my attention even if it’s meaning addressing this in *public* Only He knows exactly what I need to do and how and I trust Him to lead so I can follow.


2 thoughts on “Week 2 of The Challenge

  1. I’m so excited that you have people at church doing this too WHat wonderful examples to your community! Thanks Paulette for joining in and making this such a great experience for so many!

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