Busy Week (week 1 of the challenge)





Whoa this whole 7 days past so quickly, I have hardly realised it did!!

 God is awesome, I set my heart and mind on 3 areas of my marriage to work on and boy have I already noticed a difference in me!

I guess what can happen in a relationship is, you become complacent and just take one another for granted, not realising you do  that. It is when God gets your attention and you act on it that things happen!

At the start, every distraction was sent to *help* me..NOT!!!! I could not get my brain and body to synchronise and every effort known to man was made in order for me to overcome this sudden attack…

By day 3/4 I think I *got* it, I worked out quickly was going on and focused entirely on giving it my attention. Can’t lie and say I was super wife every day, and that my dh was at the better end of my attitude…but I notice changes in me, my prayers and thoughts have changed so much for the better Glory to God.

He loves being greeted with a smoochy….and……because he gets the first attention of arriving home from a naff day at work he obviously feels more comfortable and happy coming through the door, not like he has just interrupted our day as it were…

He hasn’t asked once all week if we have clean towels whoo hoo!!

My goals for this next 7 days are:

1) praying for Him ( need to continue working on this one)

2) Initiating more intimate moments rather than wait for him to do so.

3) work on not being on the pc too much!! ( gulp…I asked him what he wanted me to work on!! )





2 thoughts on “Busy Week (week 1 of the challenge)

  1. Good luck staying off the computer! It can suck time away from the best of us and leaving it alone for a while is a great way to honor your hubby!

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