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Good Things


I love this verse of scripture and I am using it to worship my God tonight.

I had a great weekend in some ways and a struggle in others. Am afraid this is how it gets when you are working through the steps of recovery.

I held onto the victory tho which is found only in Christ Jesus, Glory to God. The Lord promises a peace that passes all understanding as we stay focused on Him, He declares

“I will keep him in perfect peace who’s mind is steadfast on thee”! Isaiah 26:3

We can only expect good things from God, and anything we go through is to help us become more like Him, so I take comfort in that, God is not a man that he should lie nor the son of man that He should change his mind…

Am so looking forward to tomorrow..


!!Today is MY Birthday!!


Whoo Hoo…I am so excited, don’t ask me why coz am another year older LOL

But I am… 4bdbear.gif



So here we go on forward for another year of following God’s plan for my life..

Thank you to all of those who have wished me a Happy Birthday and I know you know I love yer…

I got these today and was so surprised when I had a knock at the door…TWICE!


22151or1.jpg                  5299.jpg                    




God’s Grace


I knew from the minute I was not going to be fully involved as I was in the co -leading of our Celebrate Recovery group, that God had other plans for me in this department.

I am so excited as he gently guides me to places , spiritually, I have not entered into before…

I am preparing myself now ,as over the next few weeks I am going to be giving my testimony of what God has done in my life at one of the meetings. This is an honour and a priviledge for me, I am humbled at what God is doing in me.

I have had several opportunities to share and encourage other women recently who are struggling with issues of past stuff and I see myself giving willingly and even step back inside myself and say “whoa” is this me? indeed it is I hear!! I am tripping out over the awesomeness of my Lord and give Him praise and glory whenever I am able to as it is He who has brought me this far!

 I want the whole world to know that what seems impossible to us is ALWAYS possible for God…He has done so much in me and my written version is a mere taster of that…wow, Thank You Jesus

Week 2/3


I know the challenge has ended for most but as I joined late I am still going with my goals.

The important thing for me here is that I have not given up…usually I start things only to find I give up halfway thru but I can see how God is gently pushing me along , reminding me.

My husband is kind of chuffed that I am actually purposed in this, he is obviously reaping some of the benefits too…lol

Iam so excited at how changes are ahppening within our marriage and my love for him really is like we first met, you know, goosey bumps when he calls me up on the phone and that kind of thing.

Our dd’s are going to be away next weekend and we both intend to kick back and enjoy to the max our precious time together…

Week 2 of The Challenge

This is so exciting!! I have engaged several women to join me altho they are not all on the net and things but that is great that I can rally up more to do it for themselves and their marriage.

 I guess Christine had no idea when she started this how much impact it was going to have on our *world*

What I have learned so far is that almost everything in my marriage had become comfortable, like wearing a pair of old slippers and gotten so used to them…ermmmm, didn’t like what God was showing me to be honest….

My goals were challenging but so far I have kept up the clean towels , may not always have gotten them put away upstairs but they are clean and dry!

Greeting him has not been each day as it depended on where I was on his return home but we have definately had more smoochies!!

Have made an effort to be off the pc when he is around and so far so good..except tonight coz I needed to do some stuff…

Still working on the intimate side…we both have had different things going on so we both shall work on that!

All in all, am pleased that God has brought this to my attention even if it’s meaning addressing this in *public* Only He knows exactly what I need to do and how and I trust Him to lead so I can follow.

I Worship My God

Hillsong United- Till I see You

The greatest love that anyone could ever know
That overcame the cross and grave to find my soul
And till I see You face to face and grace amazing takes me home
I’ll trust in You

With all I am I’ll live to see Your kingdom come
And in my heart I pray You’d let Your will be done
And till I see You face to face and grace amazing takes me home
I’ll trust in You

I will live to love You
I will live to bring You praise
I will live a child in awe of You

You are a voice that called the universe to be
You are the whisper in my heart that speaks to me
And till I see You face to face and grace amazing takes me home
I’ll trust in you

You alone are God of all
You alone are worthy Lord
And with all I am my soul will bless Your name