Wednesday..a day of reflection

Been feeling rather miserable with myself recently. I know why, partly but that will have to remain between myself and the Lord.

Otherwise I think I am in a bit of a quandry….anyways I came across this written by Anne Ortland, an author who I had read some of her stuff years and years ago….

O Lord Jesus, You know how cut off and lonely I’ve been feeling. Forgive me, Lord! I was acting like an atheist!

   But now I come near to You, and according to Your promise in James 4:8, You have come near to me.

   Lord, Psalm 16:8 says that in Your presence is fullness of joy! Then—

“I delight to sit in [your] shade,
     and [your] fruit is sweet to my taste”

(Song of Solomon 2:3).


*  *  *  *  *

Strong are the walls around me
That hold me all the day,
But they who thus have bound me
Cannot keep God away.
My very prison walls are dear
Because the God I love is here.

They know, who thus oppress me
‘Tis hard to be alone,
But know not, One can bless me
Who comes through bars and stone:
He makes my dungeon’s darkness bright
And fills my bosom with delight.

—Madame Jeanne Guyon (1648-1717),
written when she was in solitary confinement
because of her Christian faith,
in a prison in France

*  *  *  *  *

Isn’t that just so beautiful? I was ministered to by that writing and feel so humble before God this morning.

You who have no longer a mother to love you,
and yet crave for love,
God will be as a mother.
You who have no brother to help you,
and have so much need of support,
God will be your brother.
You who have no friends to comfort you,
and stand so much in need of consolation,
God will be your friend.

—Gold Dust,
a little centuries-old book
of unknown origin


That drew tears from my eyes…

I am going to sit down now and read and enjoy some of God’s awesome presence….


4 thoughts on “Wednesday..a day of reflection

  1. Mind if I join you? I seem to have lost sight of Him for quite a long time now…


    M x x x

  2. Join me M, indeed but only if you sit still long enough to hear Him shower you with His love for you, long enough to listen and know that He loves us with our *warts* n all!!
    I don’t feel much different today but I am yearning for His love and comfort……

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