God ‘IS’ so Good


Thursday already! Where is the time going?

I am feeling so upbeat and full of Jesus this morning…Prayer certainly changes me if it doesn’t change situations..

I have been so touched by others generosity recently, in fact more than touched, i have been blown away.

My youngest dd is wanting to go on a missions trip to Uganda with her new school. They do this apparently every 2 years with students 13yrs and over. The school supports a missionary sent from their church out there ( this lady has set up a school ) and the children go along and play with the children, learn about another culture, hardships etc and is a fantastic opportunity for any young person..

Well, we have to raise money of course to send her there…and I was asking on a forum I visit regularly, for ideas. WOW, I was blessed by the response. Some people have contacted me personally and would like to sponsor her!! some have suggested brilliant ways of raising money…

All in all, I feel God was letting me see that I am , at times, looking in the wrong places for the blessings…if you understand me…

When I give my ALL , my everything, over to Him,His grace abounds and He delights to show me the blessings He has prepared for me and mine. He does so even when I hold back, I know that, but how much more I see when I give willingly and without question to Him.

May you see your blessings today as you serve Him.



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