Gosh, today hit me right between my eyes!! and It HURT!

It isn’t often I let situations take hold but maybe today I was most vulnerable.

I feel so bad for a friend and her dh who have recently split up……. I know that God can and will make a way when there seems to be no way, and He will!


ETA : I have made my peace with the Lord…and edited my post to suit this.


6 thoughts on “~~Today..~~

  1. That is really sad about the marriage break up – it’s amazing how complacent Christians can be sometimes 😦

  2. It is sad about the break-up,I think churches as a whole, all churches really, need to invest more time and effort into marriage maintenance, rather than dealing with crisis, and some churches don’t even do that.
    But, satan would love to add to that by sowing seeds of discontent in people’s hearts. Don’t let him win 🙂

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