Thank You Jesus

I am in an attitude of such gratefulness and thanks to my Lord and my comforter today. I have been meditating and reflecting on how much God has done in my life….

I know that with out Him I would not be here ,at least not giving thanks, for sure…

Jesus IS ALL I need. He has held me close through the most darkest moments recently, I could not have made it thus far with out HIM.

Only God can see through the facade we wear often. We can become so afraid of being real before others…fear of rejection used to control my every move, every thought, every thing. I needed to be needed by others thinking this was how it was supposed to be.

 It has been a fabulous eye opener to KNOW that I can not be rejected by my Heavenly Father, He knows my faults and wanted me anyways with *warts ‘n’ all* as they say….

I am getting ready for Celebrate Recovery this evening and have come across this in My Recovery Bible:

*A life set free from all addictions by the Lord is a beautiful sight to behold. When we practice these principles ( 12 life recovery principles ) and share our experiences, people will see the Glory of God in our life and gain hope.*

( changed to personalise ) I know from experience the depths of suffering, affliction, and brokenness. I know the pain of being enslaved to to my passions and blinded by denial. I have endured my season of grieving. I can relate to those who struggle to be free.I also know there that there is more to life than bondage.

In Christ are healing and freedom, clarity and mercy, beauty and joy.

Jesus is ALL I need.


3 thoughts on “Thank You Jesus

  1. I love what you posted. I don’t know what I would do without my LRB. When I read things like you posted I always think of Romans 8-38.


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