Exceeding Joy – Hillsong

We had an awesome worship service at church last night!! God is doing such great and mighty things amongst His people!

As it was good Friday, Pastor broke tradition, if you like, and chose to share some of what God has shown him regarding the meaning of this awesome time in the Christian calendar.

Pastor researched all about that time in history, including what happens ( physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually ) when someone was crucified.

Wow! what an eye opener I am sure for us that had little or no idea. How Jesus suffered!

In between bits of the info, Pastor showed us scenes from the film, The Passion. There was not a dry eye in church last night……

It has had an impact on my life, I know how mcuh I love Him and I also know how little I really give to Him…

My prayer this season is Lord, change my heart…


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  1. I found out about what crucifixion entails when I read “The case for Christ” by Lee Strobel. In that book it is graphically described, as well as the flogging He endured beforehand. I have never seen the film The Passion, as I couldn’t bear to witness it with my own eyes. Reading about it is enough for me.

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