I have had a great week so far……I really feel excited within my spirit in what the Lord is doing recently in my life.

I have been ever so busy and a saying from old comes to mind…….” Its all happening at mill” meaning everything seems to be going on at the same time.

This is certainly true of certain events within the family and our lives of late.

However, I like it like that, being kept busy keeps me from dwelling on stuff that I can’t do anything about.

We had a very exciting weekend just past, as we were able to go over to a mini homeschool conference where we were all inspired from those who supply our curriculum, meet other like minded families, make new friends, and see our daughter get totally inspired too.

I feel we are most definitely in the CENTRE of God’s divine plan and will for each of our lives and that is the place I want to remain in.

God is awesome, so awesome!!!!

God Bless you for reading my blog, may you too get inspired today by Him and go on to do greater and better things as you labour in his Kingdom and bring Honor and Glory to his wonderful name.


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