My King

Lord I waste so much time trying to make myself beautiful to others. I want my character to reflect Your beauty. Deliver me from trying to fashion who I am based on the world’s standards. Let me look to You to be my mirror, my master makeup artist.. Line my lips with words of life and make up my eyes with compassion. Cover my imperfections with Your grace and my insecurities with security in You.
Who can embellish me better than You? No one can make me more attractive to others than Your spirit can within me. I praise You for creating me in Your image and for continuing to re – create me to be more like you. Every day I seek You, I’m asking You for a complete spiritual make over… when people look at me they see Your beauty, Your love, and Your irresistable gift of salvation.
In Jesus Name I pray
Your princess ,
who longs to reflect Your Beauty


5 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. I’ve struggled with this too, I have this self image that I’m not good enough or pretty enough but God is good. He’s has been gradually working on this with me…

  2. Thanks for sharing your prayer, it ministered to me today, been feeling low about how I look. Grateful for God’s hand in leading me here. love ya sis


  3. I am copying this to post on my blog! How beautiful! If you object to my copying I will remove this as soon as I hear from you! Wow! I love your blog!!

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