There Is none Like You


I woke up today with this song on my heart. There really is No one like Jesus!!

I have just returned home from spending 8 days in hospital with my sick daughter who suffers with Crohns disease. She had been poorly with a flare up and so ended up in hospital. It has been a hard time for both of us HOWEVER, we had prayer going up for us worldwide and we know almighty God has worked a miracle in her.

On sunday we had our Pastor and a visiting Pastor annoint her with oil and pray for her. She is still pain free Glory to God!!

Over and over, God proves His faithfulness to us His children. All He asks is that we trust and believe. We can complicate our faith and the gospel even without trying too hard…

I am so blessed to be here today, to be able to acknowledge my Lord and Saviour.

To you, 0 LORD, I lift up my soul; in you I trust, 0 my God. (Psalm 25:1)


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