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There Is none Like You


I woke up today with this song on my heart. There really is No one like Jesus!!

I have just returned home from spending 8 days in hospital with my sick daughter who suffers with Crohns disease. She had been poorly with a flare up and so ended up in hospital. It has been a hard time for both of us HOWEVER, we had prayer going up for us worldwide and we know almighty God has worked a miracle in her.

On sunday we had our Pastor and a visiting Pastor annoint her with oil and pray for her. She is still pain free Glory to God!!

Over and over, God proves His faithfulness to us His children. All He asks is that we trust and believe. We can complicate our faith and the gospel even without trying too hard…

I am so blessed to be here today, to be able to acknowledge my Lord and Saviour.

To you, 0 LORD, I lift up my soul; in you I trust, 0 my God. (Psalm 25:1)


A recent challenge!!

God is in the business of changing us to be more like His son isn’t He? Just why certain things have to take place for that to happen is to me , at times, so hard!!! ahhhhh

 I was reading Joshua earlier and V9 of chapter 1 states “Have I not commanded you?Be strong and of good courage, do not be afraid, nor be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

I really was encouraged by this verse as I face many challenges in the coming weeks.

One of my daughters has Crohns disease and has had several flare ups making her quite ill. The hospital have now put her back on a 6 week drinks diet. She’s to have no food at all during this time.

Also, our church school closed officially last week before half term and this threw us into making quick prayerful decisions regarding the education of my 2 daughters. We shall home school the one with Crohns as she has almost completeed her school work anyway. We have applied for Anna to go to a local christian school but the down side of this is that it is fee paying…something we hadn’t bargained for but God is God and will make every provision for His children..

I take great comfort that while I am still in Celebrate Recovery I am able to look at some of these challenges with an open mind. There was a time I would have taken some stuff so personal but I can look beyond that now and see a differing view.

My recovery has been long, slow and ofern painful. However, the benefits far outweigh any of the negatives. I delight myself in the Lord my God. He is my rock and my shield and my ever present help in trouble.

A Wounded World.

A Wounded World

Please Allow me


You can not change the past,
Can not revisit mistakes or make them go away,
Please allow me to continue with my plan,
The beauty of which you may not yet understand,
You can dry your tears upon my flesh with faith,
Remember what I have blessed you with already,
Wait patiently, confident that your pain won’t last,
You can take refuge beneath my wing and sleep,
While I take care of fate, the future and the past

I have already seen,have already been shown,
The healing powers of God’s way,
Yet there are times when I am re-living a sorrow,
I get all caught up in yesterday and tomorrow,
In anguish I foolishly forget all the beauty, of today,
Yet the Lord keeps saying,
“You can not change this child, please allow me,”
Over and over releasing me from the enemy,
From being so afraid, from feeling so weak,
There are no limits to his power, to his love, his authority

I have already seen,have already been shown,
How darkness can overwhelm when driven by shadows,
How lost we feel when we don’t reach for God’s hand,
How everything left incomplete becomes complete,
In the beauty of God’s loving plan,

Whatever tomorrow brings,
I lay to rest within your care sweet Lord,
I have not one single thing,
My past, my present, my future are yours,
Yes Lord Yes please change what I have done,
Bring glory down like rain and healing rays,
Straight from your Son,
I lay my sadness at your feet,
And nail my worries upon your cross,
I tuck my face beneath your wing,
I place my burdens upon your shoulders,
I hear your whisper ever so tenderly,
“You can not change this child, please allow me,”

written with love by Mona