Forgiven….I AM!

I am forgiven!!

(Click on the above link and enjoy the short movie.)

 No matter what my thoughts are or my mind battles are that the enemy will try and assault me with, I AM FORGIVEN!

My life is not my own, I have been bought by the highest bidder, my heavenly Father, He alone is the source of my comfort and strength and I will forever praise Him.

The time has gone by quickly…it seems so short a time ago that I was in a large hall listening to a female evangelist ( Jean Darnell ) telling us about Jesus and His love for us and at the end of that timely message I gave my heart and my life to Him.

His word is the truth on which I stand, it can always be relied upon to show us Gods ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts..

As we draw near to the end of yet another year, I am reflecting just how much I have gone through and its impact on my life as a christian.

I have not always paid attention to His voice nor have I obeyed Him and have often gone my own way, but in all of that, He awaits with open arms for me to run back to Him because Love ( His Love ) covers a multitude of sins..

I pray that as you, yourself, reflect over this past 12 months , God will show you too how much you are loved and adored by Him, no matter what!


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