A House Divided

Well, after losing my original post yesterday and feeling somewhat disgruntled I have now ( I think ) sorted the problem out…

I shall try and recapture my original thoughts…I was saying it was a strange title to use but for me it meant something. The reason being , recently, I have found myself in a starnge place, emotionally. I feel like so many things seem to be happening at the same time, I know God is carrying me through them but still, I am experiencing all kinds of roller coaster emotions.

You see, I want healing for my health and my daughters’, I want justice for both of them too, I want to see how others see me becaause I know I get mis -understood so many times ( actually God himself told me that too ) and yet through all this I know the Lord is completely in control and I KNOW He will not leave me.

I am fickle at times and am human so I make gross mistakes in every area of my life. I feel torn and in the middle of a couple of things at the moment and God has shown me that some people are there in my life just for a season, they will move on, He never will.

The most important thing right now, right at this very moment, is that I stay focused on Him, not people, not what I am doing but on Him…all that ever matters is giving Him the whole of me.


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