Chambers Broken



Everyone has a heart that
Needs someone to care.
All the good times and bad times we need to share.

When God creates us, our hearts and souls are so pure,
Through the trials and strife,
The heart begins to look like war.

We build chambers in our hearts
With levels of hurt.
This hurt is little, it goes up high;
This hurt is greater, we’ll bury it deeper,
Organizing our turf.

Soon the chambers become tighter.
We squeeze to make room for another hit.
Not realizing we should take these hurts to our heavenly father,
These hurts in our hearts we allow to just sit.

Soon we turn our thoughts within,
Think thoughts of defeat without a chance to win.
Without unloading these hits we take every day,
The enemy soon pounds into our heads – there is just no way.

We turn to whatever it is that consoles us,
Food, drugs, alcohol, anything – just don’t make a fuss.
Back ourselves in a corner, disappear from view,
Make our own private hell and just let things stew.

The enemy has you convincened you’re not important enough to care.
You just wander around consumed with the obessions – just let
people stare.

Then you pick up “the Word”
And realize that someone has always been there.
He died on a cross so that your life He might spare.

A love like this you cannot even take in,
Never realizing the power to win has always been within.

He says His yoke is light,
We are to give Him every burden to carry,
Not understanding this,
Our heart full of chambers will just terry.

But if we just realize
All we have to do is ask Jesus into our heart,
The Holy Spirit will work His way into every chamber,
Show us the way to get a new start.

Look in the mirror,
Maybe you don’t like what you see,
But look deeper within the heart and know
‘God really does love me.’

With this knowledge that God will never leave you,
Let him destroy all those chambers
And let Jesus show you all that he can do.

~~ Sharon Lambkin ~~



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